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This free class found on site. The long-lived Palmetto Mound on Hog Island is an important burial mound north of Cedar Key in Levy County, Florida. Recent research indicates that the site and the island were dedicated to mortuary activity at least as early as 2400 BP as part of a network of small, evenly-spaced mortuary sites along the coast. Palmetto Mound was gradually enlarged and elaborated upon until intense ritual activity accompanied the construction of the monumental Shell Mound (8LV42) to the west between 1550-1350 BP. This phase ended abruptly and was followed by a dramatic shift in ritual practices from 1300-1000 BP that included dense deposits of bundled human burials, elaborate Weeden Island mortuary pottery and rare effigies, and exotic materials. Activity at the burial mound waned during the Mississippian Period (ca. 1000-1500 BP) and was eventually discontinued. Chec it out below link for details:

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